Gas Turbine Power Station Acoustical Engineering Services

  • Pre-construction ambient sound level surveys
  • Development of site-appropriate design goals
  • Noise impact assessment studies
  • Permitting assistance
  • Noise modeling and sound contour mapping of planned facilities
  • Acoustical design
  • Near field compliance testing of individual components
  • Far field compliance testing of operational facilities
  • Transient / start-up / shut-down noise monitoring
  • Diagnostic studies to determine the source of noise problems
  • The development of practical retrofit noise mitigation measures
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Sound power level testing of individual components, such as:
    • Air cooled condensers (ACC's)
    • Cooling towers
    • Gas Turbines
    • HRSG's
    • OTSG's
    • Stack exhausts
    • Inlet filterhouses
    • Steam turbines
    • Gas compressors
    • Boiler feed pumps
    • Zero liquid discharge systems
    • Water treatment systems
    • Air compressors
    • Steam turbine bypass systems
    • Hogging air ejectors
    • Fin fan coolers
Noise Model of Planned 12 Unit Combined Cycle Facility, Saudi Arabia
Combined Cycle Plant Compliance Testing, India
Design and Testing of First of Kind GE 9H 60 Hz Single Shaft Plant, California
Design and Testing of First of Kind Siemens SGT6-8000H Combined Cycle Plant, Florida
Stack Noise Testing at a Once Through Steam Generator (OTSG) Plant, Nevada
GT Inlet Testing, Argentina